How to properly install Q-Tops®

1) Step one hold the Q-Tops® at the end let it unroll as you walk the top across the table.
(See Figure 1.)

Figure 1. Unroll Q-Top over table.

2) Step two remove paper insert and place corners under the table’s bottom edge.

Figure 2. Pull Q-Top® under table corners.

3) Step three walk to opposite end pull the corners firmly down under the tables edge. Holding the vinyl between your fingers and palms stretch downward using the heals of your hand to push the Q-Top® under the tables bottom edge.  This will secure the top in place keeping it from riding up and causing wrinkles.

Figure 3. Pull the corners under the table’s edge and stretch with palms to secure staple free installation.

4) Step four walk back to the other end and repeat step three. This entire process should take no longer than 30 seconds. When installed properly Q-Tops® are wrinkle free and never require the use of staples.

  1.  Peel Plastic starter tab on Skirt to expose the double sided adhesive on the back.

  1. Roll D-Skirt® around the edge of the table while removing adhesive backing. In case of mistakes the tape can be peeled back and reapplied.

  1. Use remaining D-Skirt® dowel to press the skirt band to the tables’ edge while protecting fingers from residual table staples.
  2. Fit 33% more Skirts fit into standard Skirt Dolly and Hampers.
  3. Four Sided Tables – cut off the needed size from a skirt to finish the table. Depending in the size of the table, you can get anywhere from 2-5 Four Sided tables using just one skirt.
  4. Load Q-Tops and D-Skirts in the same dolly to conserve space and make it easier to work in isles on the show floor.

  • With the double sided adhesive you can you can skirt round tables, garbage pails, pillars and other unsightly items.


1) When opening a D-Pail®, make sure you squeeze the opposite corners near the base and it locks into place

2) Please be aware, they contain bio-degradable liners, the life span of the liners is 18-months, this can be affected by heat and sunlight. On the outside of the master cartons, we have a date manufactured (you will always have at least 15-months to use them) please make sure that you use the older inventory first.


Click here to view a Time Trial Video of the Q-tops and D-skirts  vs. Rolled vinyl and stapled skirts.