D-Pail Going Green

  • Each D-pail contains three Bio-degradable liners.
  • D-Pails are made from 100% recycled materials.
  • The ink used is soy based and meets all safety standards.
  • The D-Pails are easily recycled after your event.
  • The D-Pails flat packed design saves space on trucking to and from events.
  • The ratio is that for every one plastic pail seven D-Pails would fit in the same foot print. 
  • Post show there is no outbound trucking due to its disposable nature.
  • The use of D-Pails greatly reduces your carbon signature.  
  • Reduced fossil fuel consumption and the emissions connected to burning those fuels.
  • The washing of waste pails will require containment pits built to identify any possible pollutants.
  • D-Pails do not require the use of water, detergents, and electricity used to clean plastic pails.
  • The plastic pails end use is landfills. Either directly after shows, in high labor rate cities, or when no longer suitable for rental.


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